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In response to the current situation, we are taking all possible measures to implement the recommendations of the authorities to facilitate working remotely.

Pay an invoice

We are encouraging all our customers to pay their ACCEO invoices via the secure ACCEO Transphere payment platform. This platform is used every day by hundreds of customers.

We have a secure, quick-payment page available for you now. Using this quick-payment page you can enter the invoice number to be paid, the amount, and the banking information required to process the payment. A payment confirmation will be emailed to you once the transaction is completed.

Pay an invoice

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Take advantage of this simple and secure platform to get paid faster. Offer this option to your own customers.

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Your customers won’t need to issue, sign, or even mail cheques.

And you won’t need to ask your customers to sign any forms or provide you with their banking information. ACCEO Transphere has it all covered. Authorization is automated and recognized by the Canadian Bankers Association.

Collection is automatic and lets you access the funds without having to retrieve or deposit cheques.

A report and an Excel file are produced to make it easy for you to reconcile the payments deposited into your account.

We have designed a special Welcome Kit, so that you can invite your customers to pay you electronically. The Welcome Kit includes:

  • A sample invitation letter that you can address to our customers.
  • A sample note that you can insert with your customer invoices.
  • Activation by our team of experts of your own logo-personalized web page, which will enable your customers to access the secure ACCEO Transphere payment page.
Learn more about electronic payments